Join a group of brothers as they test their strength and endurance on an epic 60-mile cycle ride to raise vital funds for Project Rebuild as we head into the final phase of the rebuild project.

On Sunday 5th July 2020 the team of over 30 challengers (men over 18 years) will set off from Noor ul Islam Masjid into Essex and then return to our Annual Summer Fete.

All challengers will be offered training sessions leading up to The Ride. On the day of The Ride, Rider Jersey’s will be provided and there will be ride leaders and marshals present to support the challengers along the way. Upon completion at our Annual Summer Fete each challenger will receive a medal, whilst being cheered on by their family and friends, and a meal.

There is a registration fee of £35, and a minimum fundraising target of £250 for each person. However, Ride60 has set an ambitious target of hoping to raise £50000 in-shaa Allah to help towards the total cost of financing the water facilities for the men’s main wudu area. And as an extra incentive there will be a prize for the highest fundraiser!

To sign up click on the poster below. There are limited places available on this inaugural fundraising cycle ride – so sign up soon before you miss the chance!

Registration closes on 31st March 2020.


Please read the FAQs below if you have any queries about the ride. For any other query please email cycle@noorulislam.org.uk to reach one of the event organisers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s included in my registration fee?

A: You will get; a support training programme, a supported 60 mile ride, a rider’s jersey, a finisher’s medal, a finisher’s meal and the reward for helping and serving a local masjid in-shaa Allah.


Q: What type of bike will I need?

You’ll need to have your own bike for this event. For your safety please ensure the bike is road worthy and has been serviced. We recommend a road or hybrid bike for this event (mountain bikes are not permitted for this ride).


Q: How long does it take to ride 60 miles?

A: That depends on a number of things. Let’s take fitness as an example; if you are completely new to cycling and have attended all our training rides we envisage you’d be able to complete the 60 mile ride within 6 hours. Of course this can vary as there are multiple factors which could impact your time.


Q: What do I need to wear?

A: Anything that is comfortable. You’ll be provided with a Rider’s Jersey and we’ll let you decide your other bits of clothing (please bear in mind the Islamic etiquettes if you plan to wear shorts which may expose your aura)


Q: When will training start?

A: Training will start right after Ramadhan 2020 in-shaa Allah. It will start with a few small park rides and build up to an extended ride which will prepare you sufficiently for the event in-shaa Allah.


Q: I don’t think I can cycle 60 miles, can I still take part?

A: Yes of course, our main intention here is to fundraise for the masjid. So if you would like to be part of the event but want to find out about riding a reduced distance, please speak to one of the event organisers. You can contact them directly on cycle@noorulislam.org.uk.


Q: Are we riding 60 miles continuously?

A: No, we are planning to have stop over points during the ride. Each rider will be able to access their backpack at these stop overs to access any refreshments they have brought with them.


Q: Do I have to raise the £250 minimum fundraising target to take part?

A: Each rider has been requested to raise a minimum of £250, some riders will have been refused a space on the event due to the limited spaces so please be mindful of this. Ensure you are able to commit to fundraising the minimum in-shaa Allah so that it is fair on everyone. If you need help to fundraise, think about holding an event (bake sale, car wash etc) to help boost donations.


Q: Where will we finish and how will I get home?

A: The ride is intended to finish at the Noor ul Islam Summer Fete. All riders will be expected to make their own arrangements home from the Fete.


Q: What is Project Rebuild?

A: Project Rebuild is Waltham Forest Noor ul Islam’s ambitious redevelopment project. It was borne out of the need to create a purpose built masjid to cater for the growing demands of the community. Our vision for the redevelopment mirrors the Prophetic Model of a masjid being the centre of the community; with all the community’s needs taken care of by the masjid – worship, education, interfaith and social services.

For more information on the progress of the project go to http://www.noorulislam.org.uk/project-updates.