About Noor Ul Islam Primary School

Noor Ul Islam is an inclusive and happy school. We are very proud of our children's caring behaviour and attitudes. The respect and kindness they demonstrate daily to each other and everyone around them is wonderful to see. We are proud of the progress they make with their learning and the enthusiastic way they approach their lessons.

We are a Muslim faith-based independent school and have strong and positive links with the local community.We teach our children the National curriculum subjects and supplement this with the extra subjects of Arabic, Islamic Studies and Quran.

We have up to 25 children in each year group from Reception through to Year 6. We currently have 160 children enrolled across the school.

Our parents are supportive and very keen for their children to do well. Our children go on to local secondary schools and perform admirably. We are often reminded by secondary schools how pleased they are to have children from our school.

Our logo, the tree, takes time to develop its roots to grow. We aim to provide the children with a firm grounding in what it means to be a member of a diverse and vibrant British society. The real growth will be evident in years to come insha'Allah.