About Noor Ul Islam Primary School

The Noor Ul Islam Trust is a Registered Charity based in London, UK, and is run by Muslim brothers and sisters.

The Trust provides a whole range of services to the local community. Since 1990, when it opened its Head Office at High Road, Leyton, London El0, the Trust has provided the local, national and international community with welfare services.

Originally the Trust started with a place of worship. but after analysing the needs of Muslims, a community centre was established.

The Noor Ul Islam Primary School started in September 2001.

Noor Ul Islam sits on advisory bodies to help the local authority identify the needs of the Muslims in the area.

Working with other organisations, Noor Ul Islam is trying to build a stronger Ummah.

Noor Ul Islam is a registered charity. We rely on donations to continue and expand our work. If you would like to donate to Noor Ul Islam please contact us. Remember, as a Registered Charity we are able to claim tax back on UK taxpayer's donations.