Aims and Values

Our mission is to inspire our students to achieve excellence in their learning and Islamic character, enriching and serving wider society.

We strongly believe in providing a safe environment where an Islamic ethos is promoted throughout. Our aim is to ensure that each individual child fulfils their true academic potential.

Governors and staff at the school are dedicated to ensuring pupils achieve the best academic standards and more importantly that they have the best Islamic manners.

Our pupils live in the UK and we want them to actively take part in making this country a better place. Therefore pupils are taught a sense of responsbility and independence from an early age. 

We want our pupils to demonstrate to those around them that they can compete with their peers and excel in what they do. But more importantly we want our pupils to have the best Islamic Character and to have 'Taqwa' (a balance of fear and hope) in Allaah (SWT) at all times. This will give them success and benefit the community at large.