Fundraising is essential to many charities. Without regular donations, they simply wouldn't be able to function and carry out the outstanding work that they do. Dedicated staff members and volunteers of Noor Ul Islam fundraise for the organisation for various reasons - perhaps because they have been personally affected themselves by the good work that the organisation does, or simply because they want to give something back to their community.

Noor Ul Islam has been established, in the heart of London Borough of Waltham Forest, for more than 25 years, serving the local community in various ways such as providing both secular and religious education, facilitate social gatherings, raising funds other charities and so on. This is done through organising yearly fun days, Hosting family fundraising dinner, welcoming charity and regular donations. In addition, the school holds many fundraising activities for the Trust, the school, and other charities such as Children with cancer UK; Unicef; The honeypot children’s charity; Shelter; Walthamforest Age UK; Macmillan Cancer support; Charity right; Lonely orphans.

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