School in the media

Noor Ul Islam Primary School has appeared in a number of features in the Media.

Some links to these are included below. Please be aware that the links are to external website over which the school has no control.

Noor Ul Islam received a mention in the Waltham Forest Guardian about the School of the Year award we recently received. Please click here to view the article

The school featured in an article from Primary Headship speaking to Headteachers from various faith schools. 

Sky News visited the school for a short interview with the headteacher. They also filmed pupils in one classroom.

The Muslim Jesus was a programme shown on ITV in 2007. A lesson on Isa (AS) was filmed in our school.

Islam Channel recently aired a Science show at Noor Ul Islam school. For this event pupils from our school and another local school, Dawlish Primary, were shown different fun science experiments.

An article was published in the Daily Mail on how Noor Ul Islam Primary School demonstrates how Islamic schools should be.

Members of the muslim community in Southampton are looking to open an independent primary school. As a result,  Noor Ul Islam Primary School  received a request from their local paper to come and see what our school was all about. 

Alhamdulillah we have a copy of their article in which they describe the good work that the school is doing.

They did a video interview which you can watch by clicking on the link below:

The Association of Muslim Schools published an article on the Art & Design competition organised by the school.
A Documentary on Islamic Schools on Islam Channel featured Noor Ul Islam Primary School.
An article on our school in Noor Magazine.