"My daughter was extremely shy when she started. However, once settled, she really opened-up, as the staff persevered." (Parent 2016/17) 


"We will miss the friendly and caring staff. Greatly appreciated the variety of activities and outdoor developing challenges." (Umm Jawad Oct. 2017)


"Love the  Islamic environment provided for children e.g. teaching short duas, giving salaam and so on." (Umm Zain al-Deen Oct 2017)


"I feel my child is in a safe and nice environment, matching my Islamic values. I like the session structure, with group time and story time." (Umm Faatimah Oct. 2017)


"My daughter loves the setting, she's excited and happy to attend every day. There is a good adult:child ratio. Staff are professional, approachable and friendly" (Umm Saarah Oct. 2017)


“It builds a very good foundation for the children. The teachers are amazing and have excellent rapport with the children. Children gain both secular and Islamic education.” (Parent 2016/17)


"I thank everyone for the great job they did. Very happy with everything. I never had a complaint." (Parent 2015/16)


"My daughter loves Noor Ul Islam pre-school - I see her very happy and fondly mentioning the key workers' names. It’s a very good nurturing pre-school…” (Parent 2016/17)


"This is a well-run preschool with plenty of exciting activities running for the children. A lot of happy memories made here!" (Parent 2016/17)


"What I liked best is that the Preschool is very organised. Everyone is doing a fantastic job. Keeps us up to date & receive information regularly." (Umm Ibrahim Oct. 2017)


"Teachers are lovely and very understanding of each individual child's needs. My child is learning great Islamic etiquette." (Umm Sumayya Oct. 2017)


"Pre-school is warm and friendly. Setting is clean and has nicely set-up activities." (Umm Hafsah Oct. 2017)


“This is one of the best pre-schools in London. I am so lucky that all of my girls attended this pre-school maa shaa Allah.” (Parent 2016/17)