The Noor Ul Islam Hifz Section has pupils who attend to learn to memorise the Holy Quran. The Hifz class started in 1994. The pupils attend classes twice a day. It has been noted that the memorisation skills a stronger in the morning. However due to schooling hours the Hifz class takes place twice a day.

A number of pupils have since memorised the Quran through the Hifz department and a few of them have gone on to lead the congregation in prayer including Taraweeh Salaah, Alhamdulillah

Day: Monday to Friday - Weekly

Time: 4:30pm to 6:40pm

Cost: £25.00 registration and then £45.00 per month.

Age:7 years onwards. No sisters only for boys

Headed by Maulana Ibrahim

For admission to Hifz class, the person will take a 20 minutes test to find out how well he recites the Quran with all the Tajweed rules.

Similar Rules and Regulations as Madrassah

Hifz Application Form