Imams | Noor Ul Islam


Maulana Yousuf Patel In 1998 I joined Noor Ul Islam Trust as Head Imam and have been doing this role till present. As the Head Imam I lead the majority of the prayers and deliver Khutbahs every Friday. I also hold weekly Islamic circles for the community and an advice service twice a week. I am the Headteacher of the LMCS Madrassa (Islamic school). I am involved in setting the syllabus which the teachers follow at the Madrassa and also a part of educating the children on Islam and helping with their development.

Shaykh Mohamed Abdulle I joined Noor Ul Islam Trust in 1996. Over the years being involved at the Trust I have seen great progress with the number of services increasing as well as its users.  My role at Trust involves being able to provide counselling and Islamic advice to those who need it. I teach at the madrassa, educating our children in becoming good practising Muslims. I also hold open sessions for men where I am available to listen to their Quran and answer any question they have regarding the religion. I am occassionally called upon to lead prayers and deliver khutbahs (friday sermons).