The Leyton Muslim Cultural Society or LMCS is the body that runs the Madrassa schools setup by Noor Ul Islam Trust. As many as 220 children on weekdays and 180 on weekends aged between 5 and 12 years benefit from our religious lessons. Our Madrassa team of experienced teachers aim to provide a quality learning experience to the children making lessons educational and interactive, keeping children engaged in learning about Islam. The LMCS undertakes its responsibilities towards the children and the parents very seriously. All staff are DBS checked and have under gone child protection and first aid training. The lessons are taught according to an established syllabus and exams are held twice a year. We arrange for parent and teachers meetings after exams to exchange views and also discuss their child’s progress.

Day: Monday to Friday- Weekly

Time: 4:40pm – 6:40pm

Cost: £30 registration fee then £100 per quarter

Duration: Can start from the age of five - leaves when child reaches 12 years old

Separate class for 12+ twice a week – Mondays and Tuesdays.


Day: Saturday - Weekly

Time: 10:00am to 12:30pm

Cost: £30 registration fee then £50 per quarter

Duration: Can start from the age of five – leaves when child reaches 16 years old

The girls’ classes are taught by female teachers and the boys by male teachers.

Teachers are regularly trained in order to update teaching methods. Teachers are CRB checked.

LMCS Madrassah caters for boys and girls from 5 years to 16 years old.

We have two Madrassahs, one run on a weekday basis and the other Saturday.

Weekday session is headed by Head Teacher Maulana Yousuf Ismael Patel


  • The teachings of the Quran with tajweed rules
  • Arabic language
  • Fiiqah books which include all the rulings regarding sallah and the different aa’mals (actions) of Islam.
  • Adaab (Character books)
  • Aqaeed books (oneness of Allah and aqeedah regarding prophets.
  • Seerah books (life of the prophet) covers Makkah and Madinah period.
  • General studies of various topics
  • Islam & Citizenship curriculum for special class (for over 12 years)


Exams are held twice a year one in the middle of the year and the other at the end of the academic year.

Parents Evening are held twice a year to show progress of students

At LMCS we believe that the parents should have an active role in the child development in Islamic studies as well as in general. Emphasis is placed on parents to ensure that their children do their homework regularly. Punctuality and attendance is also given importance.



Syllabus are the same as weekday Madrassah.

Girl’s Uniform:- Blue Jalbab and white scarf

Boy’s Uniform:- White Jubbata or Shalwar Qamis

Weekday Madrassa runs five days a week from 4:40pm to 6:40pm.

Saturday Madrassa from 10:00am and 12:30pm (once a week).

For more details on application process please call LMCS Madrassa on 020 8539 0769 during the above times.